It’s the little things

Sometimes when you have been together as long as Husband and I have (that would be going on 8 years of dating and marriage); or when long, long work hours and taking care of 3 kids run your life as ours do, sometimes you might need a reminder to keep saying “I love you” and meaning it. I mean we say it before one of us leaves or before we go to bed. What I am talking about is saying why and reminding the other person that we love him/her.
So for our anniversary I made this:


A simple frame with “I love you because…” written in it. Add a dry erase marker and fill in the blank. It had been awesome and sweet.
Like our pool and backyard had been long time neglected and at the end of February, Husband drained it, took it down, and cleaned up our little backyard area. This was amazingly helpful to me as the boys could go outside and play again. So


I wanted to let Husband know how much it meant to me that he did that.
Of course, it is nice to be on the receiving end too. Like this


coming after a unusually long day of toddler tantrums. Or this one reminding me that all this working out I have been doing has an extra benefit too 😉 mom, dad just ignore this one


I think we are doing pretty good at remembering to keep our relationship strong and remembering to appreciate all the little things that make is fall in love a little bit more.


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