First of all this in a two-for-one post. Both have to do with food and in fact baby food.
First things first. Our baby girl is growing up seemingly faster than the boys did-and they grew up fast. Last week at her pediatrician appointment, Miss G was given the go-ahead for first food. Doctor said her head control was great and she that she should be ready for rice cereal. So:



G had her first taste of cereal. She didn’t like it much. But hey, does any baby? Update I gave some more the next day and while there was spit back, G ate more of the bowl without fight.
Now that my baby bragging is done for the day, I want to know if food preference is determined by nature(taste buds and such) or more by nurture (selection of baby’s 1st foods)?
I have the perfect example within my own family. With J- I did as doctor, baby books, and jarred baby food more indicates-I started him with rice cereal and then apples. I was told start with apples for most neutral taste so J would just get used to eating something other than breast milk. (But apples are also one of the naturally sweetest foods).
With E-we have a different pediatrician who actually told us to start with rice cereal and then with the “yuckiest” green vegetable. You know the ones that adults even sometimes balk at eating: peas, green beans, broccoli, spinach. Then once vegetables are eaten without much fight then add fruit.
Fast forward a year or two and I find the boys eat very different. J despises vegetables and I have to either sneak them in or go with ones that are sweeter (carrots/corn/butternut squash). J also has a huge sweet tooth and will take raisins/cookies/fruit snacks all day long if we let him. E on the other hand loves vegetables. He loves having thawed out peas as a pre-dinner snack. He will usually eat his vegetables before the protein or carbon on his plate. He too likes dried fruit and sweets, but will often give me half or so back indicating he is finished.
I wonder often if this difference is because they are two different sets of taste buds who simply enjoy different foods; or is it my serving different first foods that formed this difference in food preference? Either way, I will most likely be doing the vegetable route again for G. If I can have two kids already loving vegetables and only fighting teaching one kid that they need to be eaten even though they aren’t your favorite because they are good for your body, all the better.


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