Easter project

I wanted to do a project with the boys to decorate our front window for Easter. I searched online and was reminded of this art. It simple enough for E to do but still fun for J.
First we onlined the boys hands


hand outline

I then cut them out and the boys then glued pieces down…the hands for sun’s rays, grass, sun’s center, and cross.





Then I laid out foam sticker letters in order. J practiced fine motor skills in peeling the back paper off and laying the sticker letters down:


While I peeled off the paper for E and he practiced laying stickers without them tearing. I think they came out cute:


j proud of his project


They also added their names via sticker letters on the back.
Both boys loved it and wanted to do more. I realized more with this project than ever before it how much I really need to learn to step back and let them create as they want-and not to let my perfectionistic personality take over in attempts to get project to come out like I expect. I like how they came out. I think I am going to attempt hand print Easter lilies for centerpieces tomorrow.


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