Working out

So I have been going to the gym 2-3 times a week for just about three months now. I have been doing abdominal and arm exercises at home as well. While I can jog farther and with less huffing and puffing, the scale couldn’t care less. And I ignore the scale and pay attention just to how my jeans fit, my stretched out belly still annoyingly bulges at the waistband. One positive is the thigh area is getting loose. Then again that isn’t too positive because the thighs are loose with a bulged out tummy…not too attractive or confidence building.
I am wondering though if my abdominal muscles have reshapen to a convex shape with having pregnancies so close together. I say this because when I do sit ups crunches and try to pull in my belly like pilates and yoga tells you to do, I feel like the muscles don’t seem to tighten flat.
All of this is kind of leaving me a bit discouraged. I want some movement on the scale. I want to not have to double up on spanx just to tuck tummy bulges into my pants to fit. I want something to keep me going.
Unfortunately I am thinking it will come down to track my food more closely. I eat a relatively healthy diet but maybe something is off. Maybe I eat more than I should or maybe my metabolism is storing food as fat so I should eat more lean protein and vegetables. Either way I am lazy horrible at tracking that kind of stuff. Mostly because I hate having to enter all the ingredients in the online databases to get nutrition facts. I like the freedom of cooking and adjusting recipes to fit our tastes;and having to enter all that into a computer takes the freedom away for me.
I know I have to figure it out so I can keep the motivation up to continue to exercise after I am done with the mud run in three weeks (which Omgoodness where did time go-I thought I had more time!). Maybe I will give in and sign up for the longer mud race with Husband in October.


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