Ok finally

I know it has been a week since our run..but since it was hot, the kids and my parents were at home. That left us with only the professionals getting a picture of the muddyness. It took nearly a week to get them. None the less here they are…Husband and I- muddy, exhausted (well I was), and ready for a shower.


So next up…as long as vacation days coordinate…Foam Fest!


Boys will be boys

I am sure it is a kid thing. I know I did it as a kid. But for now it is just the boys in my life doing it.
J and E discovered a snail today. They poked it to see it cringe back into its shell. They came running to show me their new discovery. They were so proud of it.




It was so cute. It took me back to the days of my childhood (my bf and I would line up all the snails we could find in the lily bushes on the edge of the patio). But now I just get to enjoy watching my boys be boys.

We did it!

Husband and I did it. Yesterday we survived our first mud run. There was frustration because he didn’t shut up when I walked, there was laughing as we slid and experienced something so out of our comfort zone, and there was mud. Lots of mud. So much mud in every nook and cranny it was gross and funny all at the same time.
We had fun. I was humbled cause I still have a ways to go in the fitness levels. Husband was held back by me because he isn’t postpartum and has been working out a year longer than me. We laughed at the muddy mess we got into. But despite everything, Husband still wants to do it with me all over again.

*we are still waiting for the pictures to come up online. I will add them when we finally get them.*

The Run

It is tomorrow. I am super nervous on how it is going to go, excited to do it and have chance to prove to myself that I can do it, and just ready to do something completely outside of my comfort zone but supposed to be wildly fun with Husband. 
Oh and when Husband and I finish it one of the very first calls I will make is to my sister and brother-in-law. Because you better believe I have already challenged them to do the same run when it arrives in Texas!
I hope to post the picture of Husband “muddy-fied” as survivors as soon as I get recovered afterwards.

Feet, rolling over and more

Miss G has reached a very cute age of discovering her feet. In the past couple days she has been able to grab her feet more and holds them straight up to see them. It is adorable.


watching boys while catching toes and sucking on thumb-quite the multi tasker already 😉

She also has figured out how to roll over…almost. G is able to get her bottom half rolled over but can’t get over her shoulder/arm to roll her top half over.


Update: G has figured out the roll over from back to front. She now just frustrated that she can’t get herself from front to back. But that will come all too quickly.

But I love the most is G is getting so aware. If the boys are playing loudly, Miss G cranes her body to try to watch them play. She also flashes her biggest smiles when J and E talk to her and play “peek a boo” with her.
I am trying my best to take mental pictures of all this cuteness because I know it is flying by all too quickly.

What happened?

What happened to my mild mannered sweet boy? The one who was getting over his shyness and talking with more and more clarity. The same one who would scrunch his face up to show all his teeth for a “smile” at a camera. Also the one who had occasional tantrums that a quick time out would fix. What happened to him?
I now have a little boy who is finding the word “NO!” all too well. He also will go to his room screaming no, throw himself away from you if you try to talk calmly/rationally, and will bury himself under all his blankets to get as far away from you as he can. It can be set off by the absolutely smallest thing like asking him to pick a pair of underwear for you to put on him, sitting as he always has in the church pew, or even Husband not waking up fast enough.
J is this little boy that has changed. I don’t know if he is starting to get stronger emotions and doesn’t know how to control them. Or if having G added an extra diversion away from him, he is acting out to get attention (I doubt this one because I try my best to consciously spend individual time and attention with each, but worth noting since it has increased since G arrived). Or maybe it is simply Troublesome 3’s hitting with full force.
Whatever it is, he is pushing me to the limit of every bit of patience I have. I hate the screaming of no in my face. I hate being pushed so hard in attempts to get away. I hate the door slams. And it takes everything not to scream back. But I think the hardest thing is not knowing when J is done with the mad crying and is now crying for a comfort hug and calm talking out of emotion/situation.
Please tell me I am not the only one. Please tell me it gets better as he starts understanding his emotions. Well at least better before hormones of teen years hits.


When I first found out I was pregnant with E the thing that worried me was if our kids would love each other or if we would constantly be breaking up fights. While they do wrestle and steal each others toys, J and E really do play well together.


And I am sure that G will jump right in as soon as she can. She already smiles and kicks like crazy when the boys come over and talk to her. And the boys are amazing with her now, so I am sure it will get better despite fights that I am sure will occur