Backyard fun

The boys had some backyard fun today. They started out by painting their box turned temporary fort.


fort painting

Then we made bubble snakes. Simply done by cutting the bottom off a bottle, adding a scrap piece of terry cloth (ours was old socks that had holes in the toes/heels and were better not worn), and securing with a hair rubber band.


I poured a little bit of bubble solution in a bottom of tupperware and let the boys go at it. They had fun and our dog loved trying to eat as many bubbles as she could.






It was awesome to see the boys process how to blow to make the bubbles. How if someone else blew the bubbles then you could hold the bubbles. Oh and how if you still had your mouth on the bottle and drew in a big breathe, the bubbles grew into the bottle and into your mouth!
I am scouring pinterest the internet for ideas to do with the kids this summer. I can’t wait to enjoy the sun and have all the kids playing and learning new things. So any ideas pass them my way 😉


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