Drinking it in

The days and nights with the kids are all about the routine. Getting through to bedtime to end the crying, tantrums, or whatever else is happening at the moment. Sure there are times of laughing so hard your stomach hurts or smiles so big because you let them watch their favorite movie yet again. But when the witching hours hit, bedtime and the quiet that follows look all too inviting.

However I have to remind myself to drink in the moments. Take mental pictures of the kids and the moments that seem to past so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with J and praying that I would make it through the last semester of college before he arrived. And looking at the calendar and realizing we are less than a month away from E’s second birthday! Where did the past few years go? They went into the routine. They went into the venting about J’s random sleep patterns- his loving to be in our bed but our wanting to not be karate kicked in the middle of the night. Or in balancing of boys being rough and tumble but yet protecting them from get hurt beyond the bumps and bruises. Or reminding the boys for the umph-teenth time that they have to be gentle with G because she is a baby still.

So tonight when I was in the middle of bedtime routine-E and G were already in bed- I asked J about his day. I asked about what he wanted to do tomorrow “when the sun comes up”. (He wants to go to the park). Then when I was about to ask if he wanted to read a book, J  wrapped his arms around my neck, pulled me to cuddle, and then told “I kiss you”. He gave me a kiss on the check and followed up with “I love you Mom”. My heart melted. I forgot the routine and just cuddled with J. He fell asleep in my arms like he hasn’t done in months (because of the rigidity of the bedtime routine). As he fell asleep and started to snore, I drank in the moment. I know someday that will come all too soon he won’t want to cuddle. I will have to drag an “I love you Mom” or even a kiss on the check out of him.


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