Did I ever mention?

I don’t know if I ever mentioned how much I hate running. Yes hate is a very strong word. I know. But in this case it is true. I hate running. So why my crazy butt decided doing a mud run sounded like fun I don’t know.
I have been doing running, some weight lifting (you know mostly for the arm flab I want to ease before it gets worse), and some abdominal work too. None of it fun. I wish I had the ability to take a fun aerobics class (three kids makes it hard enough just to find time to make it gym at all let alone picking a class!). But running just drives me nuts. It is boring. Even with tv, I feel no desire to keep going through the pain. My mind goes to aches rather than the results-which are taking for-ev-er to appear. This just proves how much I am a team sport girl. When I used to run for basketball it meant I was running to play defense or running to try and get open to attempt a shot at the basket. Volleyball running means you are running down a shanked ball in order to continue the game. Either way my mind isn’t on the pain it is on the fun of a game.
But the whole point of thus post was actually to ask those who find enjoyment in running if they have any tips to make it fun. Will it be fun when I do the mud run? Or will it only be fun looking back and saying I survived and want to do another? I need help…bad….please help.


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