Ugh I have to let go

I am a selective perfectionist. I don’t have to have my house perfectly clean because I would rather play with my kids. But when it comes to art/crafts or planning, the perfectionist perks its stupid head. Unfortunately these are the things that you can’t be a perfectionist about because it is more about the process and learning that happens than about the end result…right? I was the kid that wanted an example of what the final project was suppose to look like so I knew I was doing it right.
Fast forward to yesterday and we got the boys playdough for Easter. And they love it. They have already played with it twice since getting up and it is only lunchtime. But this:




This looks like J having fun. But in my mind, I am freaking out. My mind is going “Stop! You are mixing the colors! You are doing it wrong!”. But I yelled at myself. I have to let it go and remind myself every time that they are learning and creating in their own way.
Am I the only one? Or do other moms purposefully not buy playdough for this reason?


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