First I will start out that I don’t really like snow. We live in central California where we can drive to visit snow but I don’t have to deal with it day in and day out. While Husband doesn’t really want to live in the snow, he does make quite a few more trips up to the mountains. He loves going snow boarding. It is good for him too-; it is his way to de-stress so I don’t mind when he goes. Because Husband likes it that much, he is anxious to share his love with the kids. While they are too young yet to go skiing or boarding, we did do a quick trip just to get a first taste.

It was cold but we were able to spend a good hour walking around and playing.  

Poor G's checks and nose got wind burn. That was when we decided that was enough for the day.

Managed family photo with timer- but do you know how hard it is to set a timer and walk on melting snow with baby in arm without falling

J absolutely loved the snow. He was not wanting to get back into the car. (Which made Husband super excited that J might like going skiing with him next year.) E could do without. I think he was a bit too little yet. He could barely move in his snow pants and jacket. The gloves were way,way too big too. He kinda looked like the little kid in “Christmas Story” waddling around in the snow. Overall though it was a nice family day trip.


**I will admit that some of these photos were edited in PicMonkey. I wasn’t paid to say so, but I seriously am addicted to it. It is free and it is seriously awesome for those pictures that the lighting was off but is too good of picture to just trash. Try it and you might get addicted too.

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