What happened?

What happened to my mild mannered sweet boy? The one who was getting over his shyness and talking with more and more clarity. The same one who would scrunch his face up to show all his teeth for a “smile” at a camera. Also the one who had occasional tantrums that a quick time out would fix. What happened to him?
I now have a little boy who is finding the word “NO!” all too well. He also will go to his room screaming no, throw himself away from you if you try to talk calmly/rationally, and will bury himself under all his blankets to get as far away from you as he can. It can be set off by the absolutely smallest thing like asking him to pick a pair of underwear for you to put on him, sitting as he always has in the church pew, or even Husband not waking up fast enough.
J is this little boy that has changed. I don’t know if he is starting to get stronger emotions and doesn’t know how to control them. Or if having G added an extra diversion away from him, he is acting out to get attention (I doubt this one because I try my best to consciously spend individual time and attention with each, but worth noting since it has increased since G arrived). Or maybe it is simply Troublesome 3’s hitting with full force.
Whatever it is, he is pushing me to the limit of every bit of patience I have. I hate the screaming of no in my face. I hate being pushed so hard in attempts to get away. I hate the door slams. And it takes everything not to scream back. But I think the hardest thing is not knowing when J is done with the mad crying and is now crying for a comfort hug and calm talking out of emotion/situation.
Please tell me I am not the only one. Please tell me it gets better as he starts understanding his emotions. Well at least better before hormones of teen years hits.


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