Feet, rolling over and more

Miss G has reached a very cute age of discovering her feet. In the past couple days she has been able to grab her feet more and holds them straight up to see them. It is adorable.


watching boys while catching toes and sucking on thumb-quite the multi tasker already 😉

She also has figured out how to roll over…almost. G is able to get her bottom half rolled over but can’t get over her shoulder/arm to roll her top half over.


Update: G has figured out the roll over from back to front. She now just frustrated that she can’t get herself from front to back. But that will come all too quickly.

But I love the most is G is getting so aware. If the boys are playing loudly, Miss G cranes her body to try to watch them play. She also flashes her biggest smiles when J and E talk to her and play “peek a boo” with her.
I am trying my best to take mental pictures of all this cuteness because I know it is flying by all too quickly.

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