Relax- beach style

A few weeks ago we had opportunity to have a short getaway. And this is honestly one of the reasons I love California the most. We are so central to so many climates that we can choose between visiting the snow one week and going to the beach the next. This particular getaway we decided on Monterey.

Monterey holds a special place in my heart because it is one of the first day trips I did with husband back when we were dating. We have gone back a few times since and each time we love it. It is the kind of place we would love to retire at. The beach, the weather, the history of the buildings…oh and the food. The food is so good.

But back to the main point. We were able to do a short getaway. We had a room overlooking the sand dunes with access to beach. Just short of ah-mazing. The boys played in the sand in his own way. E jumped right in walking with Husband, digging away, and picking seaweed up.


J on the other hand was cautious but once saw everyone else having fun, jumped in and loved it. He even splashed into the water up to his waist. He didn’t want to leave.


Miss G had her first ocean and sand between the toes experience. She dug her toes in and kicked the water.


Overall it was an awesome trip. I can’t wait for another getaway like this.


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