Sand Dough

I was looking online at different preschool blogs and I came across this. I thought what she calls cloud dough would be a good quiet-ish activity the boys could do while I cooked dinner. 
I did change it a little;as I used vegetable oil in place if baby oil. Knowing E isn’t quite out of tasting things yet I wanted something non toxic. Also I called it sand dough because I used whole wheat flour which made the texture of it more like perfect sand castle sand.



E would bury his truck and then drive it out and around the tray.




J would gather the sand up and build ramps for his truck to jump and smash. After a good 45 minutes I asked if he was done or if he wanted to continue playing-he kept playing. J kept answering “keep playing” for another 20-30minutes until I finally had to take it away so you know he could eat the dinner I had been making with the promise of play tomorrow.
I was pleased they liked it so much. The other thing I would change is maybe putting them at the outside table because the mixture went everywhere-including all over my freshly nipped floor. Oh well, guess too clean of floors are overrated if it means learning is going on. 😉 Right?!


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