Teething relief

Now G might be teething or she might not. She has been more cranky and finnicky than before. She doesn’t have red gums or white spots of tooth pressure. But she has been gumming the daylights out of pretty much anything within reach. So maybe it’s teething, maybe it’s exploring and getting frustrated she can’t move as she wants, or maybe she is getting to that age where she wants nothing else but to be held and gum on a toy.
Whatever it is, it is ten times more difficult to tend to with the boys needing attention too.  I have found my best defense is a consistent schedule (so I know if it is tired/hunger related cries) and this. Miss G gets a taste of new foods while teething to her hearts content.


G teething away on fresh yummy apricot

It keeps the fruit or vegetable or whatever food contained. No bugs chunks breaking off and choking her. Just mashed food and juice that can get through the mesh.
It worked for J and E and now for G. And that is sweet relief for this mommy.

**I was not paid or given anything for telling you this. I simply love them for my babies and thought I would pass that on.


2 thoughts on “Teething relief

  1. On the show ‘Roseanne’, Dan, the husband, gave a teething baby a frozen waffle to gnaw on. I doubt that the actual food content (sugars etc) were significant to the child and it seemed like a good idea to soothe teething pain….

    • With G being only 6 months, she can’t have anything that will break off and choke her. But I am sure if I made my own waffles with more nutrition an froze them, that would be a good idea down the road.

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