Childhood Flashbacks

I had a great childhood. I had/have two loving parents that are amazing role models. They guided my sister and me with strong Christian values. They allowed us to make our choices then experience the joys and punishments due to those choices. They are there to give advice to the questions we ask. They taught me that a husband and wife have to hold a common front, make sure kids treat the other with respect, and to keep the love alive despite demanding careers.
I am trying my absolute best to give my kids an awesome childhood. I want then to look back and remember a happy, loving childhood. I want then to feel that Husband and I were always there to guide, to comfort, and to give them wings to fly.
But back to the flashback story…. As a kid, my best friend and I would line up all the snails we could find in the lilies in my backyard. I was not afraid of their slimy goo and go messes. My flashback came when J picked up a snail the other day. I sat back and watch this unfold:
J- pick up snail and turn it over to view the body
Me- “Buddy, do you remember what that is?”
J- “Yup. A snail.” Proceeds to jab the poor snail in the antenna and giggle when the snail retracted into its shell! When the snail felt safe to come out again, one antenna then the other, it was met with another swift poke from J. He once again giggled, this time calling to E to “come see”.  This-appear, poke, disappear-cycle happened a couple more times.
Me-“Buddy, I think the snail is done playing. Why don’t you put him on the tree stump?”
J- “I’m not” and poke again.
I had to keep from laughing and then prodded again that the snail was done playing and that it was time to go inside for breakfast. J sighed and then set the snail on the ground by the tree stump. As he walked inside, J asked “play again tomorrow?”. Lucky for the snail, it managed to crawl under the bash before J could get his fingers ready to poke again the next morning.
It was humorous to see J discovering the snail much like I did as a kid without my showing or telling. Flashbacks are exciting because maybe that means one day J will have his own flashback and remember a happy childhood.


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