Me time

I don’t really like posting about myself because I don’t the focus on me. I want the focus to be on my kids and how we are trying to be the best parents we can as we learn along the way. But I admit I have written about my hate relationship with running and how hard it is to lose that baby weight. This will one of those times again.

I still hate running. I have move past the think-every-bad-thought-about-myself stage and into the I-just-plain-get-bored. Yes my gym has tvs to help me from going crazy distract. I still get bored. I go about 2 miles jogging and then I just get bored with it. I don’t find a happy place or a sweet relief pushing farther or any of that. I get bored with the jogging pace and end up getting off treadmill and onto another machine (elliptical/bike/etc). Help. Is it a phase that I need to push through? Or is that just gym running at its finest?

Is it just me or does other moms get this: I have intense mom guilt if I am away from my kids for more than hour when I work out. I feel like I should be there at home and not doing a long work out. It is just me?

Ok. It isn’t all bad. It has been almost excruciatingly slow but it has worked. Since starting the exercise routine in January, I have lost all but 5 pounds of the 30 I put on with pregnancy! Yeah! While I am kinda scared to do crunches/sit ups-I think the tendon connecting the abdominal muscles has stretched out too from all 3 pregnancies being so close;which I know that if you work out those muscles wrong you can actually form the muscles out instead of flat. But either way, the scale is dropping ever so slowly and I am into the second smaller (of three) set of non-elastic banded pants.

And lastly, I had some “me” time and got my hair (highlights) touched up-and I got bangs! I needed a change and went for it.




I have definitely learned with each additional child that a schedule is something babies thrive under. With J,like most first born, I was learning as I went. He had a general schedule of eating every 3 hours or so not withstanding his growth spurts of nursing every hour! Torturing long nights. But naps was pretty much whenever he would fall alseep he would nap. I never specifically put him down in his bed for naps. So one day it might have been that his first nap was at 8a while the next would be at 10a. Same thing happened with afternoon nap and bedtime. I didn’t learn until he was nearly a year old that he needed a specific schedule for nap and bedtime for everyone’s sanity.
When E was born, J and I had a good schedule going and that was thrown for a loop. So we started building one all over again. E was put down in his bed for naps at about the same time everyday. This was beyond wonderful in those first few surviving months-both boys would take afternoon nap at the same time which allowed me to nap and catch up on sleep lost in nighttime feedings.
Now with G, naps and bedtimes are all flex scheduled. Meaning my kids have naptimes in their beds. Well E and G do. J boycotted his nap almost year and half ago. Bedtimes for everyone at about the same time each night. But the flex is that we can be out on a day trip or running an errand and my kids won’t freak out cause they aren’t in their own bed.
However the glory of being at home is of G is tired and has the cutest bags under her eyes totally giving away how tired she is, I can put her in her crib, walk away, and listen on the baby monitor. Which usually ends up looking like this:


When we are not at home-say like grandma and grandpa’s house- you usually get this if you try to lay her down:


That would be the brightest smile and wide open eyes she can give. She doesn’t want to miss a moment.
So while I have gotten better with naps, kids still throw me for loops. But I think that is parenting in general. Once you think “ok, I got this” the kids do something that changes the game again.

Well worth it

After the stress of a week of semi-single parenting (read Husband worked open 9am to close 9pm or later for a week straight). I looked forward to today. I know there are others that have to real single parenting but man this week made me realize how lucky I am. His days off are just as much a day off for me.
I was thankful to have Husband back today. He had a much deserved day off. We went to a movie, Brave (which is a little more intense than I thought but boys seemed to like it and not be too scared). Then just relaxed the rest of the day. Boys played in the pool while G sat in my lap as I talked with Husband. But one of the best parts was rocking G to sleep as I listened to Husband read to the boys. The boys would interject things about the pictures as he read. Then at the end Husband talking to J and E about today, what their favorite parts were, and when we would taking the trailer out for our next trip. I could tell J and E were so excited about having Daddy home and Husband was loving actually being able to be home.
Which just confirms my desire to seriously research homeschooling so my kids can have as much “daddy time” as schedules allow.

One handed mommy

Miss G is starting to to get that stage where you really can’t do anything two handed. Most babies I know go through a stage where the only place they want to be is in their mom (or dad’s…but mostly just mom’s) arms. This means as a mom you have to get pretty proficient at doing most everything one handed.

G is only really starting to get to this stage. She still is willing to be in her swing with toys or in her exersaucer most of the time that I have to do things two handed-like cooking dinner. With exception to the other day. She wanted to be able to see my face. If I turned away, G would start crying. I would turn to talk to her and she would be all smiles and giggles.Isn’t funny how quick kids learn to cry for attention. I mean to be crying so hard her face is red because she can’t see my face and the moment I just turn to talk to her face to face, she is all smiles!But anyways. I needed to finish up dinner but G wouldn’t let me so I brought her were she could see my face and I could chop the last few vegetables…

Don’t worry she wasn’t left alone on the counter just sitting in a pot. I was always right in front of her.

With the loaf of bread to keep her stable in the pot, Miss G could see me as I finished up. Once the knife work was done, G was right back in my arms and finished out the evening there.


Growing up my dad worked extremely hard to provide all he could for us. His career came with long hours and being on call to handle any problems. Because of this, we really didn’t go camping. Too much prep for the possibility of being called into work just didn’t lend itself to many adventures.
So take this fact of my childhood, add in my desire to pee privately, sleep without rocks under my sleeping bag, and to not have greasy-because-I-haven’t-showered hair, I wouldn’t say I like camping. Husband on the other hand does. So our compromise:


A tent trailer…parked at a place with bathrooms.
The boys love it. J always is asking when we are going next. They both are quite comfortable going in and out. It is also big enough that as the kids grow we will still have plenty of room. We have been twice as a family (and Husband took just the boys one night).
Couple days ago we wanted to escape the heat of the valley, so we took a quick trip over to the beach. It was misty, cool, and a wonderful




I can’t believe this is coming out of me, but I am actually looking forward to our next camping trip.

Baby girl

G is growing up fast. She is starting to show signs of sitting up on her own and crawling. She is at that point where she wants to do it but is do frustrated that she can’t figure how.
Miss G is a pro at eating her vegetables-especially peas. I have held out on fruits in attempts to limit her sweets.  Yesterday though, G got her first taste of orange juice. At breakfast we had orange slices. I had G in my lap and she grabbed my hand to bring the orange slice closer. I let her teethe on it for a second and she was hooked! I would try to move my hand holding the orange and she would immediately grab for it to bring the orange back to her.
Miss G is getting so big and growing into her own little personality.


So cute. So happy and smiley.