Debate on what is best for us

Lately I have been debating on what would be best for our family. I have been dipping my toes into the pool of research that needs to be done. There are so many good great reasons to homeschool that it seems like this would be the best for our family. Of course there are reasons not to- but they seem so small.

So I share my small list here and ask for any input from those that have been there and made this decision- either way.


*the stigma that kids aren’t socialized or will be “weird”/ assumption of public school or private school

*no break (for mommy- but I am doing that now so maybe not too big of deal)

*possible expense that goes into books, materials, etc(but really would it be anymore expensive than a good Christian private school?)

*With the rental house we are in now, there is no space that I could dedicate to school time. (but maybe that isn’t that big of deal until grade school age when we would hopefully be buying a house of our own and could look for that in our purchase)


*J’s birthday (and G’s) is in December which creates an awkward timing for public schooling. He wouldn’t be allowed to start kindergarten until he was 5-turning 6 three months later- which seems late to me. With homeschool, we could start teaching concepts as he is ready for them.

*We have a family (friends that we already playdate with) that is also interested in homeschooling, so we could start weekly or bi-weekly meetings to co-school. Meaning those subjects I am weaker at she could teach all the kids; and those I am stronger at, I could teach. Luckily she and I are opposite at what we are good at so this would work perfectly. We would also look into other local homeschooler meet ups.

*There are so many blogs and communities online now, I wouldn’t feel alone in this. (besides that Husband has already said that he would help on days he works late or that)

*Socialization can come from weekly meetings and extracuricular sports. T-ball, soccer, and whatever else they want to do. Also we found out that if you do independent study from public school, you are given opprotunity to participate in those sports, music classes, and clubs.

*This a huge pro, we can teach our kids with our Christain views. Science is wonderful and amazing (it is my favorite subject!) but the idea of my kids being taught that God had no factor is not okay. I will teach my kids that there are some ideas that should be researched and respected, but that God created us and everything for a reason.

*And possible the most convincing reason for me because having the kids have as much time with their dad as we can despite his crazy long work hours…Because Husband’s days off are mid-week, we could more easily adjust our school schedule to make those days our “weekend” allowing the most family time possible.

So those are what I have after only toe-dipping research. I am nervous about it, but also excited at the possiblities. I always really wanted to be a teacher, but trully believe that being my kids mom comes first. This would allow me to do both. But I am still cofused with what is best for my family. I question if I can really teach my kids in the best way possible. Hmm. so my reasearch goes on. (Good thing we have a year before I would have to make any final decisions).


4 thoughts on “Debate on what is best for us

  1. I was homeschooled for a number of years when I was younger then attended a private Christian junior high/high school. Now, with two young kids of my own I’m embarking upon my own homeschool journey (getting my feet wet since they’re preschool-aged), and I do know a number of people who homeschool (my sister-in-law homeschools five of her six boys).

    I firmly believe that the whole socialization argument is ridiculous. When are kids ever ONLY with their peer groups? This is an artificial environment, and the type of “socialization” they would receive at home – meeting people of all ages (be it siblings or other family members, other homeschool children and the various people with which they come into contact through every day life) – is much more realistic. Since they’re already in The Real World, they’re already getting prepared for it!

    My daughter’s birthday is in November, and even if we did decide to put her in public school I’m happy that she would technically be a “late” starter. The longer kids are with their parents, the better. 🙂

    I try to utilize free online resources whenever I can, along with going to the library every week for free material.

  2. Cost – less then $300 per child per year not inculing random field trips. That is with the purchased curriculum but it can but done virtually for free.

    Space – little space is really needed. If you choose to go the book work route then the kitchen table or even a coffee table will do. At the preschool to kindy age it is mostly play with a bit of number, letter and color fun thrown in. That can be done anywhere.

    Socialization – if your kid is going to be weird it will happen whether you homeschool or not. My daughters aren’t particularly weird now nor when they were in school and my son as always been a bit different. The main thing is that now they are out of a bad attitude environment they don’t behave in that typical bad attitude way.

    At this point though remember that they are still little kids and need to play and have opportunities to explore and they will grow into happy and well adjusted adults in the distant future.

    • Thanks for the info. The more feedback I have received and more research I have done really seems like homeschooling is a really good option. Only thing I really haven’t found and want to know, is how to get in touch with other homeschoolers for meet-ups or that. Oh and do write out lesson plans like a classroom teacher would, or do you just incorporate it in everyday moments?

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