Excited nervous

Since posting about our debating on homeschool, I have only heard the best feedback. Maybe it is under the “don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Either way, I think we are going to go ahead with starting homeschooling. It will start slow since only J is really of “preschool” age. I am sure E will want to join right in- which will only benefit him. In this decision to go ahead, I am getting extremely excited and nervous. I am excited to be able to see our kids grow, learn, and have those “aha” moments. I am excited because I can already see how inquisitive the boys are and I want to help them learn.

However I am nervous though that I won’t do it “right”. I am scouring online for information, ideas, and anything else that will help make sure I don’t mess up. I am also nervous on how to connect with other homeschoolers. I am a bit of an introvert (I like to asess before jumping in) so I am kinda nervous on how to reach out and get meet ups going or something like it.

None the less, I am excited and ready to start…..


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