Growing up my dad worked extremely hard to provide all he could for us. His career came with long hours and being on call to handle any problems. Because of this, we really didn’t go camping. Too much prep for the possibility of being called into work just didn’t lend itself to many adventures.
So take this fact of my childhood, add in my desire to pee privately, sleep without rocks under my sleeping bag, and to not have greasy-because-I-haven’t-showered hair, I wouldn’t say I like camping. Husband on the other hand does. So our compromise:


A tent trailer…parked at a place with bathrooms.
The boys love it. J always is asking when we are going next. They both are quite comfortable going in and out. It is also big enough that as the kids grow we will still have plenty of room. We have been twice as a family (and Husband took just the boys one night).
Couple days ago we wanted to escape the heat of the valley, so we took a quick trip over to the beach. It was misty, cool, and a wonderful




I can’t believe this is coming out of me, but I am actually looking forward to our next camping trip.

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