One handed mommy

Miss G is starting to to get that stage where you really can’t do anything two handed. Most babies I know go through a stage where the only place they want to be is in their mom (or dad’s…but mostly just mom’s) arms. This means as a mom you have to get pretty proficient at doing most everything one handed.

G is only really starting to get to this stage. She still is willing to be in her swing with toys or in her exersaucer most of the time that I have to do things two handed-like cooking dinner. With exception to the other day. She wanted to be able to see my face. If I turned away, G would start crying. I would turn to talk to her and she would be all smiles and giggles.Isn’t funny how quick kids learn to cry for attention. I mean to be crying so hard her face is red because she can’t see my face and the moment I just turn to talk to her face to face, she is all smiles!But anyways. I needed to finish up dinner but G wouldn’t let me so I brought her were she could see my face and I could chop the last few vegetables…

Don’t worry she wasn’t left alone on the counter just sitting in a pot. I was always right in front of her.

With the loaf of bread to keep her stable in the pot, Miss G could see me as I finished up. Once the knife work was done, G was right back in my arms and finished out the evening there.


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