Well worth it

After the stress of a week of semi-single parenting (read Husband worked open 9am to close 9pm or later for a week straight). I looked forward to today. I know there are others that have to real single parenting but man this week made me realize how lucky I am. His days off are just as much a day off for me.
I was thankful to have Husband back today. He had a much deserved day off. We went to a movie, Brave (which is a little more intense than I thought but boys seemed to like it and not be too scared). Then just relaxed the rest of the day. Boys played in the pool while G sat in my lap as I talked with Husband. But one of the best parts was rocking G to sleep as I listened to Husband read to the boys. The boys would interject things about the pictures as he read. Then at the end Husband talking to J and E about today, what their favorite parts were, and when we would taking the trailer out for our next trip. I could tell J and E were so excited about having Daddy home and Husband was loving actually being able to be home.
Which just confirms my desire to seriously research homeschooling so my kids can have as much “daddy time” as schedules allow.


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