Me time

I don’t really like posting about myself because I don’t the focus on me. I want the focus to be on my kids and how we are trying to be the best parents we can as we learn along the way. But I admit I have written about my hate relationship with running and how hard it is to lose that baby weight. This will one of those times again.

I still hate running. I have move past the think-every-bad-thought-about-myself stage and into the I-just-plain-get-bored. Yes my gym has tvs to help me from going crazy distract. I still get bored. I go about 2 miles jogging and then I just get bored with it. I don’t find a happy place or a sweet relief pushing farther or any of that. I get bored with the jogging pace and end up getting off treadmill and onto another machine (elliptical/bike/etc). Help. Is it a phase that I need to push through? Or is that just gym running at its finest?

Is it just me or does other moms get this: I have intense mom guilt if I am away from my kids for more than hour when I work out. I feel like I should be there at home and not doing a long work out. It is just me?

Ok. It isn’t all bad. It has been almost excruciatingly slow but it has worked. Since starting the exercise routine in January, I have lost all but 5 pounds of the 30 I put on with pregnancy! Yeah! While I am kinda scared to do crunches/sit ups-I think the tendon connecting the abdominal muscles has stretched out too from all 3 pregnancies being so close;which I know that if you work out those muscles wrong you can actually form the muscles out instead of flat. But either way, the scale is dropping ever so slowly and I am into the second smaller (of three) set of non-elastic banded pants.

And lastly, I had some “me” time and got my hair (highlights) touched up-and I got bangs! I needed a change and went for it.



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