Middle of the night

So last night I awoke at about 3am. I don’t really know why except something didn’t feel right. I looked down the hallway and sure enough the boys’ bedroom door was open. I looked at Husband’s side of the bed to see if J had managed to sneak in again. Nope. So then I checked their room. E was sleeping peacefully in his bed, but J was nowhere to be seen. Hmm.
I checked downstairs. Just in case he had thought it was time to get up and time down without us. Nope. Nothing well except spotting the stupid dog sleeping on the couch like she isn’t suppose to. Her 2 beds aren’t good enough compared to the couch I guess.
So now my mind is racing with all the “if”s. Did he open the front door by himself? Did he go out back? What if he did? Where would he be going outside at 3?
By this time my bladder told me a needed a quick break from searching. Then I noticed J’s pajamas shorts and underwear next to the Potty chair which he has used since I brought it out to start E’s training. Hmm. Where is he? I checked downstairs again-as I was midway through laundry so he could’ve gone down for a clean pair of underwear. Still no J.
I went back upstairs now to rouse Husband to help me search. I am going around the bed to Husband’s side and see…


j sleeping

Yup. J is halfway in our closet note all the dry cleaning hangers that Husband leaves everywhere with no underwear or shorts on-completely asleep. I gather him up, grab a pair of underwear, and put him back into his bed.
He awoke a few hours later at 6am. He didn’t say a thing about the midnight bathroom run or closet bed, even when asked. He just smiled and nodded that says yup that happened.
While I am glad he woke up to pee in the Potty rather than in his bed, we still have to work on the back into bed part.


Different kind of date night

Before Husband headed back to work from vacation, we got a babysitter (thanks Dad!) and had a date night. Husband and I don’t go to movies at night-he just falls asleep so it ends up a waste of money.
Instead we made full use of our smart phones’ gps. We went geocaching (if you don’t know what it is look here). When we first started a year ago we had no idea what to look for or really even how to start looking. We were really quite pathetic, so we lost interest. However with new phones with better positioning than our gps navigation, we are back on track. Now that we kind of know what to look for-or at least where to start- we are getting our “geosenses”.
So date night went awesome with finding 6 of the 8 we searched for. Not too shabby.
We are excited for when the kids are older. We hope that this might be a way to integrate “action learning” into homeschooling- math (greater number-farther away you are; smaller-closer), geography (directions), and more. Besides, there is such a thrill finding this hidden treasure.
So, if you need a new date night idea, try geocaching. It gave Husband and I time to talk while doing some searching.

Camping hits and misses

Hit: Boys love the trailer. We had a countdown from 8 days to when we would be leaving to go camping.
Miss: Kids are so excited we are camping that bedtime is horrible. G was up to 9 (normal being 6:30/7) and the boys were up to 10:30 (normal being 7:30/8).
Hit: We have wonderful family time. J and E talk and coo to G when she was crying. Husband is getting tons of time with all 3 kids.
Miss:So much family time that results in pushing buttons, throwing more tantrums, and just having very stressful moments.
Hit:We went up to Portland to visit with my in-laws. A day at the zoo allowed for close interaction between kids and grandparents (who they don’t see very often) without too much shyness.
Miss: The extra time to drive up to Portland meant an incredibly long drive back home. Think about 13 hours in the car with all the kids. Husband is driving and I am trying my best to entertain or pacify everyone. My sanity maybe questionable after this trip.
Hit: We were able to gain some wonderful memories and enjoy some great time together.


whole family on jet boat ride

Veggie Girl

Miss G is getting to really only be content when she can see me. Exersaucer with plenty to play with in living room is only good if I am there too. Swing in dining room isn’t to liking anymore. When I am making dinner, G likes nothing more than to be in my arms. If she can’t have that, then her high chair is second best.
So most nights you could find the boys running around living room or playing cars out in backyard while G hangs out in kitchen like this:


or like this


Or even like this


Miss G loves her veggies-it at least teething the heck out of them!

Just a vent

Husband has been in the same business (car sales) the whole time we have known each other. So I know the long odd hours. I married him knowing these hours pretty much won’t change.
However that doesn’t mean I like them. His hours are such that it makes having “couple” friends or even mommy friends really tough. In order to give kids most time with daddy I plan around his schedule;but this leaves limited mornings to play date. And then his long hours into night make it even harder to go out to gym, let alone taking a night off with other moms or having a bbq with other families.
Add the fact that Husband’s days off are Wednesday and/or Thursday, weekends when most have off-it is just mid week for us. So often I feel like a third wheel often at bbqs. I am the single, but married, parent with more kids in tow than those couples there. I am the wife that talks of her husband,but people have yet to meet or get to know. Or more often than not I don’t go or am not invited. I mean what fun is it to deal with 3 kids while trying to have adult conversation.
I am not writing this for sympathy or that. I just needed to vent. I know Husband works these long hard hours to provide the best for us; and I am above grateful that we can afford me to be home with our kids. I wish I could do more and be a better friend. But I can’t. I am busy trying to make non-normal hours try to seem normal.

When they go to bed

A few months ago, Husband and I decided it was time to move G out of the bassinette in our room and into her own crib. She had been pretty consistent sleeping through the night, so I wouldn’t have too many mid-night wakings to deal with.
But this meant the boys would have to start sharing a room. We wanted it to seem special so we bought new “big boy” beds for them and talked up how great it was for them to share a room.  They have taken to it like fish to water. J declared whose bed was whose (which was ironically how I was going to set them up anyways) and personalized accordingly. Cars, books, and army guys filled their closet (we took the door off to allow additional play space without door slamming).
The transition has gone surprisingly smoothly. Bedtime routine was adjusted and adapted to most nights. I usually read a few books to the boys before prayers, hugs, and good nights. Then with the door shut behind me I listen. Most nights I hear nothing except for movement to get into comfortable sleeping position. Some nights I hear E say something to the effect of let’s play and J responds with no it’s na-night time-or vice versa. But my favorite nights are when I hear J pick up a book and then “reads” it to E. Like tonight, J retold the story (Mater’s tall tale of being a fire engine and doctor), threw the book on the floor, and said “ok, good night E. Love you”. Melt my heart….Well until I had to go in for third time to remind E that it was time to sleep not play.
Overall though I am pleased with how the transition to new beds went and how well the boys adjusted to have someone else in the room when they are going to bed.