Women don’t eat steak

Back story: I chose back in high school to give up red meat (beef) and sausage. It wasn’t a matter of animal rights/cruelty, but a matter of texture and taste. That was eleven years ago. So Husband has never seen me bite down into an In-n-Out cheeseburger or a thick steak (which as a kid I would).

So fast forward to a last night: we were coming upstairs, turning on tv to watch the news, and getting ready to squeeze in some sleep before the kids got up with the sun. As we turned the tv on, an infomercial came on. The female host started raving on how this “gotta have” kitchen appliance made the best steaks ever and then took a bite.  Not that big of deal except this made Husband start laughing. I asked what was so funny. Husband choked back his laughs to tell me when he saw the lady eat the steak, he had a “Ew! Women don’t eat steak” thought run through his mind. Then he realized that thought was stupid because of course other women eat steaks-just not his wife! I came back with “men don’t eat tofu” since he dislikes it so much…unless he doesn’t know it is in something and those dishes are the best lasagna or cheesecake he has ever had! LOL


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