Sleep, glorious sleep

As many except those whose kids are night owls parents know, sleep is a luxury. New parents wait anxiously for that first night when baby sleeps for a stretch longer than 2 hours or even through the night-just to be worried something is wrong because baby didn’t wake mid-night.  Then many, including us, have kids on a schedule for bedtime for sanity sake. However this may and often does lead to way to early wake ups.
I have tried adjusting the boys bedtimes forward and back to find a time that would allow them to sleep in past 5:45-6a. I haven’t found it. And Miss G is following in the same pattern. This means I am pretty much up every morning at 6-without much consideration to the fact that “The Closer”s final season started or that the only time I could talk to Husband was when he got home at 10p. 😉
However for the first time in a very, very long time, Husband took the morning shift with the boys. I was able to sleep in until G woke up which was a more reasonable 7a. I woke refreshed instead of, well, pushed (by J), prodded (by E), and with help from a cup of coffee.
Thank you, Husband!


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