When they go to bed

A few months ago, Husband and I decided it was time to move G out of the bassinette in our room and into her own crib. She had been pretty consistent sleeping through the night, so I wouldn’t have too many mid-night wakings to deal with.
But this meant the boys would have to start sharing a room. We wanted it to seem special so we bought new “big boy” beds for them and talked up how great it was for them to share a room.  They have taken to it like fish to water. J declared whose bed was whose (which was ironically how I was going to set them up anyways) and personalized accordingly. Cars, books, and army guys filled their closet (we took the door off to allow additional play space without door slamming).
The transition has gone surprisingly smoothly. Bedtime routine was adjusted and adapted to most nights. I usually read a few books to the boys before prayers, hugs, and good nights. Then with the door shut behind me I listen. Most nights I hear nothing except for movement to get into comfortable sleeping position. Some nights I hear E say something to the effect of let’s play and J responds with no it’s na-night time-or vice versa. But my favorite nights are when I hear J pick up a book and then “reads” it to E. Like tonight, J retold the story (Mater’s tall tale of being a fire engine and doctor), threw the book on the floor, and said “ok, good night E. Love you”. Melt my heart….Well until I had to go in for third time to remind E that it was time to sleep not play.
Overall though I am pleased with how the transition to new beds went and how well the boys adjusted to have someone else in the room when they are going to bed.


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