Just a vent

Husband has been in the same business (car sales) the whole time we have known each other. So I know the long odd hours. I married him knowing these hours pretty much won’t change.
However that doesn’t mean I like them. His hours are such that it makes having “couple” friends or even mommy friends really tough. In order to give kids most time with daddy I plan around his schedule;but this leaves limited mornings to play date. And then his long hours into night make it even harder to go out to gym, let alone taking a night off with other moms or having a bbq with other families.
Add the fact that Husband’s days off are Wednesday and/or Thursday, weekends when most have off-it is just mid week for us. So often I feel like a third wheel often at bbqs. I am the single, but married, parent with more kids in tow than those couples there. I am the wife that talks of her husband,but people have yet to meet or get to know. Or more often than not I don’t go or am not invited. I mean what fun is it to deal with 3 kids while trying to have adult conversation.
I am not writing this for sympathy or that. I just needed to vent. I know Husband works these long hard hours to provide the best for us; and I am above grateful that we can afford me to be home with our kids. I wish I could do more and be a better friend. But I can’t. I am busy trying to make non-normal hours try to seem normal.

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