Camping hits and misses

Hit: Boys love the trailer. We had a countdown from 8 days to when we would be leaving to go camping.
Miss: Kids are so excited we are camping that bedtime is horrible. G was up to 9 (normal being 6:30/7) and the boys were up to 10:30 (normal being 7:30/8).
Hit: We have wonderful family time. J and E talk and coo to G when she was crying. Husband is getting tons of time with all 3 kids.
Miss:So much family time that results in pushing buttons, throwing more tantrums, and just having very stressful moments.
Hit:We went up to Portland to visit with my in-laws. A day at the zoo allowed for close interaction between kids and grandparents (who they don’t see very often) without too much shyness.
Miss: The extra time to drive up to Portland meant an incredibly long drive back home. Think about 13 hours in the car with all the kids. Husband is driving and I am trying my best to entertain or pacify everyone. My sanity maybe questionable after this trip.
Hit: We were able to gain some wonderful memories and enjoy some great time together.


whole family on jet boat ride

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