Different kind of date night

Before Husband headed back to work from vacation, we got a babysitter (thanks Dad!) and had a date night. Husband and I don’t go to movies at night-he just falls asleep so it ends up a waste of money.
Instead we made full use of our smart phones’ gps. We went geocaching (if you don’t know what it is look here). When we first started a year ago we had no idea what to look for or really even how to start looking. We were really quite pathetic, so we lost interest. However with new phones with better positioning than our gps navigation, we are back on track. Now that we kind of know what to look for-or at least where to start- we are getting our “geosenses”.
So date night went awesome with finding 6 of the 8 we searched for. Not too shabby.
We are excited for when the kids are older. We hope that this might be a way to integrate “action learning” into homeschooling- math (greater number-farther away you are; smaller-closer), geography (directions), and more. Besides, there is such a thrill finding this hidden treasure.
So, if you need a new date night idea, try geocaching. It gave Husband and I time to talk while doing some searching.


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