Middle of the night

So last night I awoke at about 3am. I don’t really know why except something didn’t feel right. I looked down the hallway and sure enough the boys’ bedroom door was open. I looked at Husband’s side of the bed to see if J had managed to sneak in again. Nope. So then I checked their room. E was sleeping peacefully in his bed, but J was nowhere to be seen. Hmm.
I checked downstairs. Just in case he had thought it was time to get up and time down without us. Nope. Nothing well except spotting the stupid dog sleeping on the couch like she isn’t suppose to. Her 2 beds aren’t good enough compared to the couch I guess.
So now my mind is racing with all the “if”s. Did he open the front door by himself? Did he go out back? What if he did? Where would he be going outside at 3?
By this time my bladder told me a needed a quick break from searching. Then I noticed J’s pajamas shorts and underwear next to the Potty chair which he has used since I brought it out to start E’s training. Hmm. Where is he? I checked downstairs again-as I was midway through laundry so he could’ve gone down for a clean pair of underwear. Still no J.
I went back upstairs now to rouse Husband to help me search. I am going around the bed to Husband’s side and see…


j sleeping

Yup. J is halfway in our closet note all the dry cleaning hangers that Husband leaves everywhere with no underwear or shorts on-completely asleep. I gather him up, grab a pair of underwear, and put him back into his bed.
He awoke a few hours later at 6am. He didn’t say a thing about the midnight bathroom run or closet bed, even when asked. He just smiled and nodded that says yup that happened.
While I am glad he woke up to pee in the Potty rather than in his bed, we still have to work on the back into bed part.


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