Don’t like admitting it,but…

Despite me getting my degree in p.e. & health, I really don’t like working out. I prefer playing sports where you happen to be working out but are so distracted by the game you don’t think about the sweat or muscle burn. Being out of high school and having kids too young yet to join a rec league, sports have pretty much disappeared from my work out routine. So I have been toughing it out at a gym on cardio and weight equipment.
I don’t like admitting it, but….it has worked for me anyways. I have been working as I can with Husband’s crazy hours. So as much as I complain, it works the good old fashion way of getting your booty moving.
While losing baby weight and fitting back into pre-baby jeans feels great, the best result of the hard work is playing with the boys eventually all the kids. I can run with them and not have to quit before them because I can’t breathe. We can chase, tickle to uncontrolled giggles, and frankly just enjoy playing. Their smiles that don’t diminish are worth the muscles cramps, the lung burn, and all that work out crap. As a result I think I just have to continue to suck it up and keep facing the gym.
Ps- I got my dad to join me in the foam run! We are t-minus 9 days from 3.2miles of foam, mud, and more foamy mud!


Tough part of life

Some things in life are tough. No one really needs to you that. However there are times where the innocence of childhood breaks your heart. Like today when J said this to Husband, “Daddy, you don’t go to work today? You stay here and play with us.” You could have torn both our hearts out.

I really admire how Husband explained it to J. Husband told J that he would love more than anything to be able to stay home to play. But how we do fun things like the zoo, museum, or Disneyland (which of course J nodded like crazy to), those cost money. So Daddy has to work to make money so we can do those fun things. J seemed to understand this and now will come up to me and tell me “Daddy at work for money”.

It doesn’t make it any easier, but I am beyond thankful that Husband makes enough that I don’t have to work. I get to be here for our kids.

It’s time for a check up

If you are a parent you most likely can finish the rest of that Doc McStuffins song. I am no different. The boys like the show and it hasn’t reached the annoying limit yet.
We don’t really have any dress up clothes or anything along that line as the kids have really been too young. However with preparing for homeschool preschool,I decided we needed to try some out and see if the boys were interested in that yet.
Turns out that they are. And it was time for a check up as soon as the tools were opened.




And now, “I feel better, so much better”.


Husband has been wanting, for a while now, to build the boys kids a club/playhouse. So in attempts to be cheap resourceful, he tore down the dog run fence (which was never really used anymore) and recycled the wood and nails to make a playhouse.
With hand me down paint from my parents, I painted the little house. I have let the boys “help” me paint. They have been outside so I haven’t really needed to worry about  dribbles or that.
Well the other day while I cooking dinner, J came in and asked to paint. I told him that I had to finish this last prep step before the eggplant parmesan could go in oven;then I would get him the paints and paper. He seemed content with that and trotted away.
I turned back to what I had been doing and put the casserole dish into the oven. When I turned back around I was greeted by two boys with black little hands


and one saying “paint oops”. Never a good thing when your child says those two words in the same sentence.
This is what I turned the corner to find:


Yup. Black paint poured, splattered, and wiped across the floor! I went in panic mode (renters still and landlord definitely would not see this as normal wear). Husband just laughed and told me “we knew day was coming when we decided to have kids”. Luckily my parents happen to have a carpet cleaner and my mom was available. She and I spent nearly an hour cleaning black paint out of the carpet.
Now the paint is all put out of reach. J and E’s hands have been scrubbed. And looking back now I wish I would have taken the time when J asked;but really don’t wish this because he needs to learn patience which leads to a predicament. But we survived and can laugh. I am sure there are many more of these oh my moments in our future.


It feels like the past month has flown by with G making some of the cutest milestones. Miss G has increased her babbling including practice of her ba-ba, da-da, and ma-ma. (Well, ma-ma usually only happens when she is crying and trying to “talk” to us at the same time. It makes her sobbing kinda cute;but pulls at my heart when I can’t drive home fast enough to rescuing her from her car seat)
G has also begun mastering the pincher grip and attempts to feed herself. She manages to get 2 out of 3 into her mouth; not horrible but the dog gets more human food than before.
And another big milestone Miss G has made…sitting up almost without falling too much by herself! This is huge. This means she can sit in the shopping cart versus me carrying her/her grabbing at anything and everything. Granted it is not the sit by herself and walk away as she sits quietly playing with her toys. Do that and rug burned forehead is sure to happen. But isn’t she cute:image
She looks like such a grown up baby (I know oxymoron but it makes sense). She all the kids just need to slow down in this growing up thing. I look forward to the future,but will miss these baby/toddler years tremendously.


I am knee-deep in planning out a general curriculum or lesson plan. Pinterest and homeschool blogs have given me so much inspiration. I am having to remind myself that J technically has two years of preschool before we have the nitty-gritty decision of continuing home education or private/public. So I have plenty of time to do the fun projects and worksheets. The thing that kicks my nerves into high gear in planning is second guessing myself. Am I pushing too much too fast or is he going to be bored because I am not teaching enough? And should I be planning out a lower level version for E? Or should I plan on doing more teaching when both E and G are taking their afternoon naps? But E is closing in on the age that J gave up his nap so this plan may not work out.

What I have figured out so far is that this first year we will do a Letter a Week curriculum. That way we can be more flexible in schedule if we have a sick week like this past weekend where there is no possible way learning can take place due to high fevers and sleeping we can simply shift the letter to the next week and not stress too much. This also is great for Husband’s days off. For example if we are on the letter B that week, we can build in a trip to the Beach. Or letter J, has the Sheep in a Jeep book which could tie in with a 4×4 trip in Husband’s Jeep.

But all the nerves aside, there is something that makes me excited. Husband isn’t approaching this as a mere support or a “You go girl” cheerleader. He wants to be involved. He wants to help teach. That is an amazing feeling knowing he wants to be a part of this endeavor not solely as a “what did you learn today” dad but as a “this is why it works this way” teaching dad. He is also going to a 101 class with me later this month. It will be great having a co-teacher.
Update: Husband and I went to the 101 class (which was taught by a mom who has been home teaching for the past 25 years). We both came away empowered. We realize so much more how homeschooling seems to be the best for our family. While empowered, I did also learn that I may have an internal struggle. I am very much a classroom learner. I worked hard and excelled in the classroom. One of the biggest benefits to home education is that learning can happen away from the classroom and text books. But this benefits is so different from how I learned; I will have to constantly remind myself that learning is happening despite no lecture or note taking. None the less, I am excites to start our adventure of home education.

Week of chaos

This past week has been busy. No that is the wrong word. It has been so different from our normal routine. Well, different the most for J. He attended our church’s vacation bible school-which I might add is the first school-like experience he has had. J liked it but was tired and hungry the first day so he was ultra cranky when I picked him up. Once he had lunch, J was much more willing to talk about what he did all morning and even asked to go back. Tuesday was better. He didn’t need me to stay with him at all and was so excited to show me “school” (the preschool classroom where his class was). I even got some goofy faces after bathtime:


Wednesday was another shake up with Husband’s day off. We decided to take the kids to a children’s museum. It happened to be one I went to as a kid which have you ever gone back and noticed how vastly different a place is when your older versus your childhood memory. J loved it and has asked to go back everyday since.
Thursday was back to bible school for J. He did so well. It was so cute when he saw E, G, and me, he asked the teacher if he could come sit with us for closing devotion. When he came over J gave G the biggest hug and kiss; then gave E a hug and had his arm around E’s neck during the devotion. Which of course made the teenage girls swoon for their cuteness.  During the songs came on, J sang and showed E all the body movements that went along with the song. J had the biggest smile
But I think we put J’s poor body defense system on overdrive. Friday’s school morning ended early when he fell asleep during art time (thankfully I know everyone and they were wonderful in helping J find a comfy couch to lay on until I arrived). I checked in on J and found that he felt feverish. Sure enough at-home thermometer read a high 102 temperature.
Between bible school classmates and children’s museum germs, J’s body had more input than it could handle. J slept pretty much the rest of Friday. Last night was brutal. J ended up cuddled as much as could next to me despite feeling like he was on fire. His fever spiked even to 103.
Mid way through today this is what I find:


A sleeping through the fever J. He wakes only to go Potty, get medicine, or take a sip of water.
I pray it is just a small virus that doesn’t need more medicine. I pray that we don’t have to make a trip to the doctor. But most of all I hope my little one feels back to his normal self sooner than later.