Week of chaos

This past week has been busy. No that is the wrong word. It has been so different from our normal routine. Well, different the most for J. He attended our church’s vacation bible school-which I might add is the first school-like experience he has had. J liked it but was tired and hungry the first day so he was ultra cranky when I picked him up. Once he had lunch, J was much more willing to talk about what he did all morning and even asked to go back. Tuesday was better. He didn’t need me to stay with him at all and was so excited to show me “school” (the preschool classroom where his class was). I even got some goofy faces after bathtime:


Wednesday was another shake up with Husband’s day off. We decided to take the kids to a children’s museum. It happened to be one I went to as a kid which have you ever gone back and noticed how vastly different a place is when your older versus your childhood memory. J loved it and has asked to go back everyday since.
Thursday was back to bible school for J. He did so well. It was so cute when he saw E, G, and me, he asked the teacher if he could come sit with us for closing devotion. When he came over J gave G the biggest hug and kiss; then gave E a hug and had his arm around E’s neck during the devotion. Which of course made the teenage girls swoon for their cuteness.  During the songs came on, J sang and showed E all the body movements that went along with the song. J had the biggest smile
But I think we put J’s poor body defense system on overdrive. Friday’s school morning ended early when he fell asleep during art time (thankfully I know everyone and they were wonderful in helping J find a comfy couch to lay on until I arrived). I checked in on J and found that he felt feverish. Sure enough at-home thermometer read a high 102 temperature.
Between bible school classmates and children’s museum germs, J’s body had more input than it could handle. J slept pretty much the rest of Friday. Last night was brutal. J ended up cuddled as much as could next to me despite feeling like he was on fire. His fever spiked even to 103.
Mid way through today this is what I find:


A sleeping through the fever J. He wakes only to go Potty, get medicine, or take a sip of water.
I pray it is just a small virus that doesn’t need more medicine. I pray that we don’t have to make a trip to the doctor. But most of all I hope my little one feels back to his normal self sooner than later.


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