I am knee-deep in planning out a general curriculum or lesson plan. Pinterest and homeschool blogs have given me so much inspiration. I am having to remind myself that J technically has two years of preschool before we have the nitty-gritty decision of continuing home education or private/public. So I have plenty of time to do the fun projects and worksheets. The thing that kicks my nerves into high gear in planning is second guessing myself. Am I pushing too much too fast or is he going to be bored because I am not teaching enough? And should I be planning out a lower level version for E? Or should I plan on doing more teaching when both E and G are taking their afternoon naps? But E is closing in on the age that J gave up his nap so this plan may not work out.

What I have figured out so far is that this first year we will do a Letter a Week curriculum. That way we can be more flexible in schedule if we have a sick week like this past weekend where there is no possible way learning can take place due to high fevers and sleeping we can simply shift the letter to the next week and not stress too much. This also is great for Husband’s days off. For example if we are on the letter B that week, we can build in a trip to the Beach. Or letter J, has the Sheep in a Jeep book which could tie in with a 4×4 trip in Husband’s Jeep.

But all the nerves aside, there is something that makes me excited. Husband isn’t approaching this as a mere support or a “You go girl” cheerleader. He wants to be involved. He wants to help teach. That is an amazing feeling knowing he wants to be a part of this endeavor not solely as a “what did you learn today” dad but as a “this is why it works this way” teaching dad. He is also going to a 101 class with me later this month. It will be great having a co-teacher.
Update: Husband and I went to the 101 class (which was taught by a mom who has been home teaching for the past 25 years). We both came away empowered. We realize so much more how homeschooling seems to be the best for our family. While empowered, I did also learn that I may have an internal struggle. I am very much a classroom learner. I worked hard and excelled in the classroom. One of the biggest benefits to home education is that learning can happen away from the classroom and text books. But this benefits is so different from how I learned; I will have to constantly remind myself that learning is happening despite no lecture or note taking. None the less, I am excites to start our adventure of home education.


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