It feels like the past month has flown by with G making some of the cutest milestones. Miss G has increased her babbling including practice of her ba-ba, da-da, and ma-ma. (Well, ma-ma usually only happens when she is crying and trying to “talk” to us at the same time. It makes her sobbing kinda cute;but pulls at my heart when I can’t drive home fast enough to rescuing her from her car seat)
G has also begun mastering the pincher grip and attempts to feed herself. She manages to get 2 out of 3 into her mouth; not horrible but the dog gets more human food than before.
And another big milestone Miss G has made…sitting up almost without falling too much by herself! This is huge. This means she can sit in the shopping cart versus me carrying her/her grabbing at anything and everything. Granted it is not the sit by herself and walk away as she sits quietly playing with her toys. Do that and rug burned forehead is sure to happen. But isn’t she cute:image
She looks like such a grown up baby (I know oxymoron but it makes sense). She all the kids just need to slow down in this growing up thing. I look forward to the future,but will miss these baby/toddler years tremendously.


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