Husband has been wanting, for a while now, to build the boys kids a club/playhouse. So in attempts to be cheap resourceful, he tore down the dog run fence (which was never really used anymore) and recycled the wood and nails to make a playhouse.
With hand me down paint from my parents, I painted the little house. I have let the boys “help” me paint. They have been outside so I haven’t really needed to worry about  dribbles or that.
Well the other day while I cooking dinner, J came in and asked to paint. I told him that I had to finish this last prep step before the eggplant parmesan could go in oven;then I would get him the paints and paper. He seemed content with that and trotted away.
I turned back to what I had been doing and put the casserole dish into the oven. When I turned back around I was greeted by two boys with black little hands


and one saying “paint oops”. Never a good thing when your child says those two words in the same sentence.
This is what I turned the corner to find:


Yup. Black paint poured, splattered, and wiped across the floor! I went in panic mode (renters still and landlord definitely would not see this as normal wear). Husband just laughed and told me “we knew day was coming when we decided to have kids”. Luckily my parents happen to have a carpet cleaner and my mom was available. She and I spent nearly an hour cleaning black paint out of the carpet.
Now the paint is all put out of reach. J and E’s hands have been scrubbed. And looking back now I wish I would have taken the time when J asked;but really don’t wish this because he needs to learn patience which leads to a predicament. But we survived and can laugh. I am sure there are many more of these oh my moments in our future.


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