Tough part of life

Some things in life are tough. No one really needs to you that. However there are times where the innocence of childhood breaks your heart. Like today when J said this to Husband, “Daddy, you don’t go to work today? You stay here and play with us.” You could have torn both our hearts out.

I really admire how Husband explained it to J. Husband told J that he would love more than anything to be able to stay home to play. But how we do fun things like the zoo, museum, or Disneyland (which of course J nodded like crazy to), those cost money. So Daddy has to work to make money so we can do those fun things. J seemed to understand this and now will come up to me and tell me “Daddy at work for money”.

It doesn’t make it any easier, but I am beyond thankful that Husband makes enough that I don’t have to work. I get to be here for our kids.


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