A is for Apple

This week we are covering the letter A (as the short vowel). So far we have done A is for Apple. First we read The Apple Pie Tree. Then we tasted various types to see the differences in skin color, in taste (sweet/sour), and if we liked it or not (yummy/yucky as J put it). Turns out theboys like all apples. Not a single one was yucky.

J and E also dissected an apple. We talked about the parts of an apple. How the skin was red (it was a gala), the stem and seeds were brown, and the flesh/part we eat is white. The boys cut their apples to remove the seeds; and discovered their apples had a different number of seeds. E had 5 seeds while J had only 3. They then glued the seeds and stems to the diagram.

And of course, we had apples as a snack. Yum!

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