Tried, got frustrated, quit, and now…

I am talking about potty training E. I attempted it about a month ago. We ran out diapers and figured I might as well try. We lasted one day. E would have an accident, wouldn’t tell me, and then sit in wet. He also started crying if I even said let’s just sit on the potty. So in attempts to not make it any more stressful than it really needed to be, I quit and decided he could use a few more months of maturity.
Well, Husband had E and J yesterday. I guess Husband, of course, took E with when J had to go to the bathroom. Something must have sunk in because E refused to sit in the bath tonight-until I asked if he had to pee. He said yes, climbed out and had me hold him stable as he peed in the toilet! Not once but three times! Now he is sitting underwear at his request. Maybe E is just the type that has to do things when he feels like it. Hopefully it sticks and we can have two out of diapers. 🙂

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