C is for Creation

When I wrote our “c week” we still had to do one last sorta big topic. We covered Creation. First we read our bibles and then went through projects of the day by day creating.


We covered how sky seperates the ocean and river waters from the clouds and rain above.


(sorry this one is kinda hard to see). We talked about how God made the sun, the moon, and all the stars. This is a mobile.
We learned how God made plants and trees (which we will plant some plants out in our front walkway when it isn’t 90-100 degree weather). God also made the animals and people to take care of everything. For this the boys had animal stickers (they named off the animals as they stuck them to the paper).


Then we finally learned that God rested to remind us to rest and give reverance to Him. We made pillows to remind us.


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