Very busy week

Ok, this might will be a long one. Letter F incorporated a lot of activities. We started off practicing the phonics of F by jumping like frogs. I created very simple lily pads of green construction paper with 1 through 10 on them. Instead of saying “ribbit” like a frog would, I had the boys make the F sound as they jumped from number to number. Pretty funny, but they liked it. Even Miss G couldn’t resist trying to get in the mix.

sorry so blurry- my phone camera couldn’t handle so much action

Next up was reading Rainbow Fish Finds His Way. J really liked this book while E honestly was a little bored. So I moved on quickly to the rainbow fish activity that I knew both boys would love.


I used a couple old CDs that I never played anymore and they boys glued on rainbow scales (jewels), eyes, and fins. E concentrated so much on getting the glue on his jewel and placed just right. J was more concerned that the fish in the book had two yes and his only had one (I ended giving him another).

Along the F for fish, we did a little math. Using goldfish crackers as units, J measured how long each fish was on his worksheet. We talked about longest, shortest, and medium lengths. E didn’t really understand measuring, so he instead colored his fish and matched the goldfish crackers to those.

Finally it was on to honestly one of the boys’ favorite activities so far. The boys went fishing for letters. I cut out fish, glued washers as eyes, and then wrote a letter on each of the fish’s tails. With all the fish laid out on the ground, J and E took turns using the fishing rod with magnet “hook” to catch the letter I called out. Both J and E continue to ask to play.


We are finishing up F week with reading the bible story of Jesus and the loaves and fish (feeding of the 5000). Next week is letter G followed by a brief break from letters for a week of fall/halloween activities.


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