G is for gorilla (and a trip to the zoo)

We started out our new week with a trip to the zoo. We stopped by the gorillas and talked about how gorillas are the same as us and how they are different.




The boys loved watching the toddler gorilla(about 2 years old-we saw him as tiny baby when we came when E was 2months old!). The little gorilla would take a handful of dirt and throw it at the dad gorilla to entice him to play. Most of the time the elder seemed to just ignore the little one’s antics, but would occasionally wrestle and tumble with the toddler. It was so similar to our family sometimes when we have a chore to get done but kids nag to play.
We also learned how giraffe starts with a g as well. J noticed right away how long the giraffes’ tongues are when they ate the leaves.


giraffe picking over rocks at us

And we of course saw many other animals too. Miss G was so good the whole time.


But no trip with the kids seems complete without a souvenir ride on a train.




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