Sorry but, everything about teething sucks

We have kinda stalled in school due to a high cry front that moved in. I try to squeeze in some books and activities when G naps; for when she wakes up, she demands full attention. G is probably midway through the teething process of getting her first tooth. And boy has it been a rough one!
The boys first teeth I don’t remember this much crying. With both it seemed like one day they were gummy smiles and the next was a little tooth peeking out. No real change in temperament. Now subsequent teeth were more brutal. J’s teeth came in in bunches. First tooth no biggie. Next came 3 to round out front four. Then most brutal was 6 (all 4 molars and 2 canine). Of course timing was horrible-his teething crying/bad mood during the time family is visiting for E’s baptism. E, honestly, I don’t remember his mood ever really changing. He would suck his thumb a bit more than usual,but no crying.
So now with G, I thought first tooth wouldn’t be that big of deal. Wrong! She turns from our ever smiling baby into a scream crying wreck in a matter of seconds. Nursing doesn’t help-in fact sometimes makes it worse. Husband feels helpless so hands her off to me, but I am not much better right now. There is nothing really either of us can do, except wait for the stupid taking forever tooth to poke its way through.
Please hurry up tooth. Make your appearance and let my sweet smiley girl return.


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