Tooth appeared so on with the show

Miss G’s first tooth finally poked through. Her temperament had improved greatly so we were able to restart our letter of the week school routine. We continued with G. This time G was for gorilla and garbage truck.
We read Trashy Town about a garbage man who cleans up all the trash around town before taking his full truck to the dump. The boys loved the phrase “is the truck full yet? No!” and repeated it throughout the day during their play. We then made shape garbage trucks.

image  image

Both concentrated very hard on writing-I suggested they copy my “garbage truck” writing onto their trucks. E had scribbles but that is a great precursor so I was happy. J wrote all the letters-just not necessarily in the right order. I am impressed with how well he has been able to hold the pen and copy his letters.
Both J and E wanted “more school” so we pressed on. I read Little Gorilla. J remembered the noise that the gorillas at the zoo made. We had a quite a few activities with gorillas. First we colored and practiced writing with our gorilla worksheets . Then we put our clipart gorillas in sequence. I had 5 different sized gorilla prints cut out. We reviewed which was biggest, smallest, and medium. The boys worked together then to tape the gorillas in order from smallest to biggest. (Sorry forgot to take pictures.)
Finally, the boys colored their gorilla faces, taped them to a cup, filled it with dirt, and sprinkled grass seed for gorilla hair.

image  image

image  image

The grass seed hasn’t sprouted yet, but the boys were excited nonetheless. (I will update with sprouted pictures when it happens).

Update: seeds have sprouted enough that we needed to give our gorillas a “haircut”:

Now we are taking another little break from letters for a fall/Halloween unit. We will continue with H the beginning of November. I am excited how well it has been going and how much both boys look forward to/get excited when I say “want to do school?”.


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