The worry hits again

So we are about a third of our way through the letter of the week “curriculum”/plans that I have for J (and E is he wants to join in). It has been going great. J and E ask to do school time, love doing the activities, and reading all of the different books. J’s handwriting is improving (though his J in his name is constantly backwards- and if you try to correct him the rest of the letters get turned backwards!). He knows how to spell his name and will write it pretty much anywhere you ask him to. E even can spell his own name and J’s with no hesitation. Both sing through the alphabet and can list off any of the letters’ phonics sound.

However, here is my worry. It probably is a good thing that I have this worry because it will make me try harder and research more; but I have this pit in my stomach that I am still not doing enough. Will I be able to keep up with it as the kids get older? Will I be able to teach all three levels? How can I know that my kids are keeping up/learning more than the state standards- should we decide to go to public school? While both boys seem to be excelling, what happens when I have to “force them” to do schoolwork?

So much worry. Yet in the bottom of my stressed out, worrying heart, I know that this is what is best for our kids. Seeing them be able to enjoy time with Husband is worth all the work.


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