H is for hedgehog and hat

We continued on our letter of the week quest with the letter H. E was sick for part of our school days (first time ever having to go into doctor for something other than wellness checks-it was croup) so it was J and me. We read The Happy Hedgehog. J then glued hedgehog clipart of various sizes to a large paper. We then went through biggest, bigger, smaller, and smallest. J labeled/numbered the hedgehogs from 1 to 5;and practiced writing his letters as well.


When E was feeling up to it, he joined us as we read Old Hat New Hat. We went over different types of hats like baseball, pirate, fireman, and conductor (what we had in our dress up bin). Then the boys stuck stickers on the newspaper hats I had pre-made for them.



I brought out white boards and the boys practiced writing. J practiced while wearing some of the differi hats. By the end he was very good at writing “hat” and even added a stick figure with a tophat!



E usually just scribbles-which works on his grasp. However he was very proud when he actually wrote a “H”.


And we finished with a quick letter finder activity. Using bingo dabbers, the boys would dot any H they could find amid the sheet of letters. Both really enjoyed this one.



We are finishing up H week with hands which I will try to post tomorrow.


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