H is for Hand(prints)

Per J’s request to “do school”, we continued on with H. Yesterday we read Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. I brought in our play drum and a big stock pot for the boys to drum on as we read through the book. It made for a lot of noise, but the boys loved it. Then we made hand prints using a washable ink (stamp) pad.

I had the boys use their magnify glasses to look at the prints. I explained how finger prints were all different- on each finger and between each person. On J’s I showed him how his had a circle effect and he tried to copy it with a pen on his paper.

We also made our keepsake hand/foot prints. (I found multiple sites and ideas on pinterest.) I made sure it was an animal or thing that we had covered in our letter of the week course. We will continue to add as we work through the alphabet.

Short and sweet post. Our day was just a ton of painting and hand print making. On to the letter I.


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