DIY laundry soap

I didn’t do it for a long time. Honestly I thought it was too “hippie” or too cheap to buy store laundry soap. However, I am converted. It is super simple to make, cleans clothes, and saves money.
The ultimate critic though is Husband. He hates the smell of even slightly funky towels. Seriously. He had been known to use a towel once and throw it back in wash pile because it had too much of a smell. Husband has said he hasn’t noticed any difference between the expensive store laundry soap and homemade! Had I known, I would’ve started a long time ago.
So we made the jump and we aren’t looking back. We have a standard top load washer, but what I have read it that is works just as well in the he washers.
Here is how we make it:


1 cup borax and 1 cup washing soda (not baking soda! I found everything at Walmart and on Amazon.)


Plus 1 bar soap shredded. I use Fels-Naptha-I have used Ivory but found that it didn’t always disolve into the wash despite “pre dissolving” in hot water.
You can either stir these ingredients together until the soap breaks small-from what I read about 5 minutes. I don’t have the patience. So



Into the food processor it goes-in batches. J helps pulse the processor. I do go over that the soap shreds is NOT cheese. The color looks like cheddar so this is a very necessary reminder that has to be repeated. But J is good and is quite a proficient helper now.
This batch we happen to use 4 bars of soap so we made quite a bit. It will probably last- with 4-6 loads per week- about 4 months. Maybe longer. I don’t really pay attention.



See,  super simple. Not for only hippies. 😉


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