Good, bad, and the letter “I”

So I experienced all three of these within the past week of our homeschool adventure. The good: J and E both love to ask to “do school”. In one day we went through all but one activity that I had planned with the week! Which brings me to the bad: In one day the boys were so eager to learn that they kept going through activity after activity. They finished all but one of the many activities I had planned on for a week of homeschool. If they continue this trend, I may have to re-plan my schedule or at least add to it…which is even more work that I am supposed to fit into just regular mommy time (and keeping the house in some sort of running order). Sigh. But it is worth it when the kids can have time with Husband. I know that we will be able to raise them with Christian family values and significantly reduce their exposure to drugs/gangs/bad peer pressure.

But back to the past week. We continued on with the letter “I”. We talked about instruments. We read Our Marching Band and circa-my childhood, Bobby Bear and the Band. I had gathered all of our play instruments and we went over what each one was called and what sound it made. J and E each had a turn using each instrument before choosing which one they wanted to play in our own backyard marching band.

Then it was on to inches and inchworm. We read Inch by Inch which is about an inchworm that measures different birds until he is met with a challenge of measuring a song or being eaten. We then used our own rulers to see what an inch was and how long each of the inchworm were on our worksheet. J loved doing this one so much I had to make up an extra worksheet by hand!

And the boys weren’t done yet. “More school” was the demand. So we practiced our writing with an igloo worksheet. Then we made igloos out of sticky paper and cotton balls. J chose to use the full cotton ball while E dabbed the cotton ball leaving almost snow like wisps behind on the paper.

While it was a jammed packed day, I am glad to see that the boys are so eager to learn. It means we are on the right path of motivating them to discover and explore their world.



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