You know how Godzilla destroys all in his path? Well, G is going through that phase of picking up everything off the train table, out of the basket, or out of the baby Lego wagon and throwing it behind herself. This means her presence is pretty much made right away in a clean room. Like this-it was a cleaned up room from having family over yesterday. Now…


Not so much. G took every letter off the boys magnetic easel. Every baby Lego and car is out of the wagon. Boys pajamas that were in a neatly folded pile are strewn across the floor. Luckily G can’t open the ice chest yet. If I had taken a picture in opposite direction you would’ve seen trains and tracks thrown everywhere from the table. All the baby rings, blocks, and anything else teething approved were thrown out of the basket. Add the boys playing as well and my downstairs looks like I never cleaned at all.
After all,how does that saying go? Oh ya. Cleaning up while kids play is like shoveling snow during a blizzard. Absolutely pointless. So for now my house will display the aftermath of “G”zilla.


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